British puppy brand Radley share

I finally got the girlfriend. The name of the Radley bag that I brought from the UK is Liverpool Street. I bought the Large version. In fact, it is not big. I can go back to school every day.

Radley has a lot of stores in the UK. It is a brand that is more suitable for young girls. The price of its bags and watches is almost 1000 yuan (the discount season), and some small bags can be won by a few hundred.

Although it is a British niche card, now a versatile treasure has an official flagship store.

This workmanship and price/performance ratio is really great! And every time I see the logo of this puppy, the girl’s heart will burst.

I have been carrying a Coach dumpling bag bought in the US outlets. After more than a year, the zipper is broken.

Radley original price 179 pounds Bicester discount price 60 pounds

Radley original price of 179 pounds, Bicester discount price of 70 pounds, there is an extra 20% off on the day of Halloween, so that is the price you see now.

radley london bags sale
radley london bags sale

I came to the UK with a school bag, so I decided to go to Bicester to buy a casual bag. I didn’t expect it to be cheap. It’s cheap, durable, and versatile.

This bag is still very lucky to find the last minute of the store.