Give yourself a suitable reason to change your bag when you change the season.

The MK bag used before was too heavy because of being dismissed, so I gave myself a suitable reason to change the bag when I changed the season.

I have been scouring for a long time, and I have been recommended this radley bag somehow.

Still quite eye-catching, at first glance, I was attracted by this puppy tag; I feel a little like the little Wang of Agatha, so I asked her again.

It turned out that this is a British niche brand, it is said that the grade is similar to the coach. Hesitated for a long time, and finally started.

After receiving it, it was found to be much lighter than the original bag. It has no burden on the back; the skin is light-skinned, so it is best not to touch sharp instruments when using it.

Capacity, everyday keys, mobile phones, folding wallets, etc. can still drop

The key point is that there are three small pockets on the outside of the bag, you can put some fine items into it, it is convenient to take it. This is still very important for the lazy.

I chose charcoal gray, the real thing, it is charcoal gray under natural light, it is a little purple under strong light.