Strongly push Radleys Tote package

Push Radley’s Tote bag! The perfect replacement for Longchamp

A total of four colors, black, gray, burgundy and navy, I entered black, and now the official website seems to be no black. The outer layer of the bag is nylon, the inner layer seems to be leather (looking like, but not sure, not very familiar with the skin), the strap is leather

On the outside, the orange-pink strap makes the black bag look brighter, not so dull, and there is a gentle aura in the atmosphere. The one that hit me the most is the label logo of the front Radley and the small round puppy logo on the back! Super low-key cute has connotation

In detail, the back of the bag (I think it is the back, I don’t know how to divide the front and back of this bag) There is a small pocket, I usually put the phone and student ID in it, because it is used more, it is convenient to pick up. There is a small compartment and a keychain in the bag. In the small compartment, I put a small thing like a hand cream card bag. It is easy to find. The keychain is not very useful for me.

Focus! ! Capacity! This bag is really super loaded! (See Figure 5 and Figure 6 for details.) Usually, you need to load more things in class, but if you wear clothes that are more suitable for ladies with a casual shoulder bag, this bag is the first choice! With a coat completely ok!

If you don’t have a lot of things, you can fold the bag into Figure 7. Anyway, the bag is soft, just play it.

In short, Radley’s Tote’s own weight and light capacity is super practical, and it is not easy to hit the bag. Personally, it feels better than the bag, and the price is very high!