Bicester Village RADLEY

RADLEY is a popular brand in the UK. The small wallet is super cute, especially the puppy logo, which easily captures the hearts of the girls and is also very suitable for the Year of the Dog.

The discount of is still very good. I bought a passport holder that I liked for a long time. It is very practical. In addition to the passport, you can put the card, put money, and so on. There are a lot of compartments on the back of the passport bag. Can also put things and only sell for 22 pounds

The red card was bought in Cambridge. It was suddenly discounted and it was super cheap. It cost only £17. The original price was £29. The wine was red and the color was very versatile. It could be hung on other bags and decorated. very nice

When I was shopping in Cambridge in the New Year, I saw that their family still had a dog year limit. The red puppy-shaped bag was so cute to the explosion.