Radley appoints Johanna Konta as brand ambassador

radley london sale
radley london sale

British accessory brand Radley has added a second celebrity brand ambassador, named tennis player and British No. 1 (Johanna Konta) as the representative of its new Radley Spirit campaign.

Konta follows the footsteps of the actress Eleanor Tomlinson, who was named the Radley brand ambassador last fall because the British brand hopes to pass the face with celebrities Contact to improve the image.

In addition to leading the Radley Spirit campaign before Wimbledon, Konta will also curate her favorite collection in the Spring/Summer 2019 series, Johanna Konta Edit, and will showcase the new product ‘Johanna Konta Tote’, a casual sports nylon The tote bag made of fabric has a spacious interior and is designed for “perfect carry-on accessories, whether you are going to the center court or the gym or go out for lunch”.

The editor also includes other new works such as the Selby Street Punch Medium Crossbody Crossbody Bag, the Arlington Court Medium Zipper Top Backpack, the Haven Street Patchwork Medium Crossbody Crossbody Bag and the Alba Place Camera Small Zip Around Crossbody Bag, among others. design. It fell in August and September.

Julia Darlington, chief brand officer at Radley London, said in a statement: “Johanna Konta is a natural fit for the brand and ‘Radley Spirit’ Sport, this sport is inspired by women who live their lives, passionate and passionate. Promote things happening – independence, boldness, fun, fierceness or fun.

“With her undeniable talent, Johanna truly reflects this spirit, and we are very happy to work with her to make this platform a reality. Not to mention, as the brand Radley has been committed to celebrating London. Wimbledon is the capital. One of the iconic sporting events, we can’t wait to see Johanna show her skills and style on the court.”

Konta added: “I am very excited to work with Radley London. I have been a fan of the brand for many years and love the spirit of empowering women in the “Radley Spirit” campaign. Celebrating women, their personality and achievements are me I was keen. In fact, last year I published a statement on women’s rights and equal pay for equal work in the Oxford Union, especially in the field of sports. Therefore, I am happy that the Ridley Spiritual Movement enabled me to continue defending in this way. Women’s status.”

Radley London added that some of the new Alba Place Camera Small Zip Around Crossbody Bags will be sold to Centrepoint, the UK’s leading youth homeless charity, which Kenta sponsors to make the brand Give back and give young people a better future.

Interview with Radley CEO Justin Stead, we are the opposite of Michael Kors

radley london sale
radley london sale

How Australian tennis players can reverse this famous British brand
Radley CEO Justin Stead said: “We are the opposite of Michael Kors”
By Andrew Saunders

From Margaret Thatcher to Kate Middleton, British women have always liked this handbag – the market is worth more than £1.3 billion, according to a survey of the UK Women have an average of 14 pieces and buy three pieces a year. Well, this is not a bad thing.

However, sewing them all in a handbag is not as simple as the numbers suggest. The market is changing rapidly, with fierce competition, from market stalls to big bucks, to Chanel and Hermès’ super-premium “investment” packages, each worth up to £10,000.

Justin Stead, CEO of London handbag designer Radley & Co, says the key to success in such a crowded and fast-growing space is to get to know your customers. “Many of our competitors are struggling to chase consumers aged 18 to 27, older than us. Our audience is between 40 and 65 years old: she knows who she is and has a strong self for herself. Consciousness requires quality products and value. She is not a fashion leader, but she does want to look beautiful and relevant.”

He added that it is equally important to understand what your brand stands for and how it differs from its closest competitor. “We are affordable luxury, but we are working hard to make everything that Michael Kors doesn’t have. Kors is haute couture and the audience is younger – we are the opposite. We are real, we don’t try to adapt to every trend, we want to have a brand that is consistent, providing superior quality and value and people can trust.”
Award-winning company

Ladley’s tote bag is designed in the UK and is made in India. It sells for between £60 and £250 and is known for its unique mascot in the shape of a Scottish Terrier. Stead admits that this is a good time, and when he and his private equity partner Freshstream took over the business in 2016, it was a piece of cake. Poor expansion plans make it have too many stores, sporadic international business and chaotic marketing. “It’s underperforming and financially poor. Customers and markets are there, but management is not good.”

But Stead said he can feel a successful business. “Radley is a precious British brand and we have a very loyal audience here. When we first visited the business, what resonated with me was an industry report that said Radley is the trusted lady handbag in the brand. The first brand. Britain. Trust is one of the most important things you can have – when I see this property, I know that Radley is a huge opportunity.”

Stead is a luxury brand owner who went to the UK to help another struggling group, Aurum [jeweler Mappin & Webb, owner of Swiss watches and goldsmiths], who worked in the US watchmaking industry Fossil. Work hard, where he learned to love a weak person. He said that as an entrepreneur, he likes to turn around.

For Radley, this means simple (even if it’s quite intense) action. “The problem is internal and can be solved. This is the top priority of all industries, but it is not doing well. We reduce it to avoid distraction and reorganize according to the new strategy and the restructured team.”

It was time for Radley to get rid of the streets that have swept through many other retailers since then.

Radley was originally transformed from an architect to designer Lowell Harder, J (selling a bohemian purse at a booth in Camden Market), and by 1998 has become a mature retailer and continues to be in the UK Have a store. But changing shopping habits have turned many street assets into debt. “Today, everyone is proficient in numbers and is undergoing a huge transformation. Customers go shopping for a day, watch a thing, take pictures, then go home and buy online.”

The so-called “omni-channel” shopping trend requires a rethinking of Radley’s stores, and now the focus is on displaying products in a dynamic environment and selling them on the spot. He said: “When we take over, we have 20 full-price stores. By the end of the next 12 months, we will drop to 10. But the 10 will be beautiful.”

The rest of the outlets will also be more and more high-tech, and Apple store-style tour salespeople and tablets will be used for ordering. “This is to provide the best customer experience. In our Birmingham pilot store, nearly 15% to 20% of the business now looks at items through customers, but buys tablets with sales people for home or collection. On another day.”

Are the people on the street dead? No, Stead said, but it changes faster than many people can cope with. “Maybe ten years ago, you might have 50 Radley stores across the UK. I guess, at least in the short term, this is over.”

Radley has also partnered with department store retailers, such as House Ashers, which was acquired by management from Mike Ashley’s Sport Direct, and Debenhams, which has nearly 30% stake in Sportben Direct. Stead quickly solved both problems, but in particular the approach taken by Ashley. “We have a lot of business with House of Fraser. To be frank, I was very impressed. Mike and his team are very easy to work with, very frank, they are good retailers and they will carefully consider them. What you did.”

radley london sale
radley london sale

Stead’s budget-conscious spirit has also been applied to international sales, replacing the focus on the two largest luxury brands in the US and China with the old “disordered” approach. It is paying dividends. “In 18 months, our retail sales increased from zero to $40 million. I recently showed four new series in New York that are well received. People there like British design and London stories, but until Now, our prices are still not a big event in London.”

Chinese customers also like British design, but shopping there is almost entirely online and mobile. For Stead and his 130 strong headquarters teams, this is an eye-opening experience. “You don’t have to do everything. We launched it in TMall (the Chinese retail giant Alibaba’s business-to-consumer network platform) in November 2017, which exceeded all our expectations.”

Stead believes that this Chinese dragon seems very scary for many companies, but it is worth mentioning that Alibaba’s 11:11 shopping event was held on November 11th (hence the name), last year’s sales reached A staggering $31 billion. Overall, Radley’s share may be small, but it’s still important to the business. “I was amazed at the work we did so that I went to Shanghai to visit the Alibaba headquarters. This is an incredible campus with a very dedicated workforce.”

Sales are not the only digital products. Radley’s marketing is becoming more and more virtual. “We have always been committed to creating digital content to flow through all channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Our mission is to raise awareness of Scottie Dog by telling stories from London.”

He said that digital priority marketing can not only be driven by the four main seasons of the traditional fashion year, but also provide opportunities to place brands in front of customers more frequently. “We are now about 40 stories about Radley every year – stories about products, stories about successful women, and stories about Lunar New Year and Mother’s Day. All of this is focused on numbers.”

To this end, Stead is busy signing up for brand ambassadors to participate in frontline campaigns, starting with Eleanor Tomlinson of Poldark, who shares screens with others (including Scottie) in a series of short films featuring a London taxi journey. “She represents all the values ​​we want to connect with our business: she is rooted, friendly and skilled.” It turns out that there is also a dog lovers.

“I want a young girl to show Radley on a yacht in the Mediterranean?” Stable. “That’s not us.”
Lasting impact

But what about the bag itself? Will all market glitz at the expense of product quality? Other brands may commit fouls, but Stead believes that this will not happen in Radley. “The feedback we received, especially in the US, is unbelievable in terms of quality and price/value. Our leather is beautiful and our main supply partners have been in business for 21 years. Their headquarters are Kolkata, we believe in them, their supply is great.”

Thin, dark-skinned and energetic, it’s no surprise that Stead, born in Australia, became an athlete when he was young. “I am an aspiring professional tennis player: I am going to the United States to play for Oklahoma State University.”

However, although he is the top ten player in the NCAA University Tennis League, he realizes that he will not be in the forefront of professional competitions. “Former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash is a good friend. He used to be the greatest person in the sport, but I think that is impossible for me.” So he packed up the racket Started a company job: “I hope to have the opportunity to achieve world-class levels in what I do.”

He died in the fossil, and the top of the ladder did not escape him. Ten years later, he began to operate the global watch and jewellery business, but was tired of the treadmills of a public company. “You are hit hard every 90 days. If you miss a quarter, the stock price may be unreasonably finalized. I want to work with a private equity firm.”

As a result, a fruitful association was established with British retail entrepreneur Don McCarthy, who persuaded Stead to operate Aurum across the Atlantic in 2007. McCarthy, who passed away last year, has a lot of influence. “He taught me a lot of things, including enthusiasm that might cost money. As an Australian who has lived in the United States for 20 years, my glass overflows with more than half of the water. Don tells me to be more cautious, pay attention to the shortcomings and Vision.”

Stead is keen to learn ancient history, and he believes that lessons can be learned from the Roman Empire. “What does the world need? More moral leadership and understanding of greater well-being. My favorite emperor is Marcus Aurelius, because he is a persevering person, very concerned about it. And our society has turned a blind eye to bigger things, please listen to 2% of the people quarreling for another 98% of the cages.”

Therefore, at some point to be determined, when he wants to quit Radley, his goal is to keep the business in a better state than he found. “When I left Fossil, the business developed very well. After leaving Aurum, the business developed very well. I think we are discussing the same claims with Radley.”

London Radley announces partnership with Poldark actress Eleanor Tomlinson

radley london sale
radley london sale

Accessories brand Radley London has announced an exciting new collaboration with Poldark actress Eleanor Tomlinson.

Not only did they launch the stylish bag collection Eleanor Edit, but the actress was also the first brand ambassador for the Radley Spirit campaign.

Inspired by motivated women living in their own way of life, the Radley Spirit campaign reflects the bold women who wear their own designs.

radley london sale
radley london sale

Justin Stead, CEO of Radley London, explained: “Eleanor Tomlinson has always been a natural breeder of Radley London and has always been a loyal supporter of the brand. She also represents everything the new Radley Spirit movement represents: a confident, independent spirit, Not afraid of yourself, breaking through the boundaries outside of performances and work.

“Eleanor also grew up in the country and has a special love for dogs. This is an important part of Radley’s London DNA and another reason why we chose her as an ambassador.”

radley london sale
radley london sale

The collection consists of easy-to-wear bags made of Italian leather, including saddle and wandering style bags and the heroic Eleanor bag – a messenger bag that is perfect for everyday wear.

There are three different color combinations to choose from (red, black and playful leopard), which costs £199. This is an investment, and one season and one season, you will find a lot of wear and tear.

radley london sale
radley london sale

As one of the most popular shows in the United States, her signature red hair and creamy porcelain skin color makes it easy for her to understand why Eleanor is the ideal choice for this typical British brand.

But animal lover Eleanor is also very happy to be with Radley.

She commented: “I am very happy to be the brand ambassador of Radley London! These collections are beautifully crafted, unique and colorful, and reasonably priced. I have been a fan of the brand for many years, especially like their care and well-being for dogs. stand by.”

radley london sale
radley london sale

Prices range from £39 to £89. From February 10th, Eleanor Edit was purchased at radleylondonsale.com, and from February 18th, bags were picked up in stores across the country.

Will you shop for a new collection?

Retailer Insights How China Becomes a Key Market for Radley

Justin Stead, CEO, wrote that when Radley was acquired by private equity firm Bregal Freshstream in 2016, the business had established a good foundation in the UK but was underrepresented internationally.

When Radley was acquired by private equity firm Bregal Freshstream in 2016, the handbag brand is mature in the UK, but international representation is not enough. With this in mind, we identified several key markets that we believe have strong potential: China, the United States, Japan and Australia. As the world’s largest luxury market, China is vital. We launched on Tmall in China on [Alibaba’s China e-commerce platform] in 2017 and made its debut in Jingdong last week.

radley london sale
radley london sale

We have a clear opportunity to stand out through our products, London, the Scottie Dog logo and the brand’s playful features. This is especially important in China because the market is so saturated. It is important to provide a point of difference and provide customers with reasons to shop.

That is to say, we are careful not to overuse it from the beginning. Many companies have suffered losses due to excessive investment without fully understanding Chinese consumers. The initial sales targets we set are realistic and sensible.

First, our focus is on harnessing the growing purchasing power of the Chinese middle class, which is driving people’s interest in more quality goods and ensuring that Radley’s investments are low risk. Doing business in such a crowded and rapidly changing space requires companies to have a deep understanding of who their customers are, what the brand represents and how to differentiate them from their competitors.

Radley’s goal is to create a consistent brand that delivers superior quality and value and wins people’s trust. Our digital marketing strategy plays a key role in delivering brand stories and information to Chinese customers and enables us to connect with them. We have further strengthened this by engaging in culturally relevant activities such as the Lunar New Year, as they provide an interesting opportunity to create a specific, customized or limited edition product line to commemorate this day and interact with Chinese consumers. .

Developing a successful fashion business in China takes time, concentration and expertise, from local knowledge and nuances to speaking the language. The most important advice I can offer to retailers is to be patient.

We have experienced multiple challenges, but the biggest challenge is to identify the right products for Chinese consumers. There are a total of 30 municipalities and provinces, each with its own culture – from the north to the south, the style preferences are very different. Size, color, handling and small logos need to be considered. One size is not entirely suitable for the Chinese market, and it takes some time to install properly.

Although the economic slowdown has not affected Radley, we are ensuring the development of China’s business by finding suitable platforms and partners. It is critical to have strong partners on our trustworthy basis to implement our strategy.

We chose Alibaba in 2017 because the company reported a weekly increase in searches for Radley products on its platform. Not only did they help us improve Radley’s influence in China, but it also gave us a deeper understanding of the market, shoppers and their habits. This is especially important in the first year of trading there, because we have limited knowledge of the market.

We will vigorously develop online business in China. We plan to open the Tmall domestic store in early October, open the global JD.com store in China last week, and then open a domestic JD store in China. Vip.com and Secoo.com are also in the plan for the second half of this fiscal year.

We also plan to build a physical store, but we need to find the right partner. Expansion is a continuous learning curve that requires a comprehensive understanding of Chinese consumers and their product needs. We still know nothing about it: it’s an ongoing process, but it’s critical to Radley’s continued success.

Bicester Village RADLEY

RADLEY is a popular brand in the UK. The small wallet is super cute, especially the puppy logo, which easily captures the hearts of the girls and is also very suitable for the Year of the Dog.

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The discount of radleylondonsale.com is still very good. I bought a passport holder that I liked for a long time. It is very practical. In addition to the passport, you can put the card, put money, and so on. There are a lot of compartments on the back of the passport bag. Can also put things and only sell for 22 pounds

The red card was bought in Cambridge. It was suddenly discounted and it was super cheap. It cost only £17. The original price was £29. The wine was red and the color was very versatile. It could be hung on other bags and decorated. very nice

When I was shopping in Cambridge in the New Year, I saw that their family still had a dog year limit. The red puppy-shaped bag was so cute to the explosion.

Strongly push Radleys Tote package

Push Radley’s Tote bag! The perfect replacement for Longchamp

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A total of four colors, black, gray, burgundy and navy, I entered black, and now the official website seems to be no black. The outer layer of the bag is nylon, the inner layer seems to be leather (looking like, but not sure, not very familiar with the skin), the strap is leather

On the outside, the orange-pink strap makes the black bag look brighter, not so dull, and there is a gentle aura in the atmosphere. The one that hit me the most is the label logo of the front Radley and the small round puppy logo on the back! Super low-key cute has connotation

In detail, the back of the bag (I think it is the back, I don’t know how to divide the front and back of this bag) There is a small pocket, I usually put the phone and student ID in it, because it is used more, it is convenient to pick up. There is a small compartment and a keychain in the bag. In the small compartment, I put a small thing like a hand cream card bag. It is easy to find. The keychain is not very useful for me.

Focus! ! Capacity! This bag is really super loaded! (See Figure 5 and Figure 6 for details.) Usually, you need to load more things in class, but if you wear clothes that are more suitable for ladies with a casual shoulder bag, this bag is the first choice! With a coat completely ok!

If you don’t have a lot of things, you can fold the bag into Figure 7. Anyway, the bag is soft, just play it.

In short, Radley’s Tote’s own weight and light capacity is super practical, and it is not easy to hit the bag. Personally, it feels better than the bag, and the price is very high!

British radley bag

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Local brand Local brand bags found in the UK, I have to say, I fell in love with it, compared with the bags of other major brands, this is definitely not expensive, the texture of the whole cowhide, the quality is not said, decided later I bought this brand for my bag.

Occasional discount, just a package that I recently needed

Radley Tote Bag

Radley British women’s bag lady retro black large zipper large capacity tote bag

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Always wanted to buy a niche nylon tote bag, and finally chose radley (it seems to be Zhang Yuzhen endorsement)

The bag is quite big, it meets my daily class needs, and I am very light.

There is no choice of leather (because I am rough, it is easy to make a lot of small holes in the skin). There are three small pockets inside, and there is a pocket on the inside for easy mobile phone.

The logo little milk dog is super cute, and the other hanging bear is the first time I caught my own doll in my life.

A4 size paper, books can be boldly put in, super practical wild

Give yourself a suitable reason to change your bag when you change the season.

  • cheap radley london bagcheap radley london bag
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The MK bag used before was too heavy because of being dismissed, so I gave myself a suitable reason to change the bag when I changed the season.

I have been scouring for a long time, and I have been recommended this radley bag somehow.

Still quite eye-catching, at first glance, I was attracted by this puppy tag; I feel a little like the little Wang of Agatha, so I asked her again.

It turned out that this is a British niche brand, it is said that the grade is similar to the coach. Hesitated for a long time, and finally started.

After receiving it, it was found to be much lighter than the original bag. It has no burden on the back; the skin is light-skinned, so it is best not to touch sharp instruments when using it.

Capacity, everyday keys, mobile phones, folding wallets, etc. can still drop

The key point is that there are three small pockets on the outside of the bag, you can put some fine items into it, it is convenient to take it. This is still very important for the lazy.

I chose charcoal gray, the real thing, it is charcoal gray under natural light, it is a little purple under strong light.

British brand bag purchase link

Bags are always one of the most discussed topics for girls. In addition to the well-known Burberry, Coach, and Longchamp, there are many good bags with unique style and practicality.

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2.Aspinal of london


3.Cambridge Satchel


4.C. Nicol


5.Honey and Toast London


6.Lulu Guinness 


7.Charlotte Elizabeth


8.Grace Gordon




10.Cath Kidston




12.Beara Beara


13.Meli Melo






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